Korean Heritage School for Adoptees (KOHSA) Korean Culture Research, Incorporated (KCRI), a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and appreciation of Korean culture and language through education and research, opened the Korean Heritage School for Adoptees (KOHSA) on January 22nd, 2005 at 38 W 32nd Street, Suite 1112, New York City.

We would like to reach out to the families that have adopted children from Korea by providing a place where families can learn about the children's cultural background and share experiences with other families. This school provides Korean language, history, and cultural classes as well as group activities to celebrate Korean food, craft, and traditional holidays. Those who are interested in the program can contact Dr. Sun-Gun Lee at 212-563-5763. or leeklc@hotmail.com.



The Korean Language Center
of New York (KLC)
The Korean Culture
Research, Inc. (KCRI)

Korean Heritage School for Adoptees (KOHSA)
New York, New York
38 West 32nd Street, Suite #1112, NY, NY 10001 TEL (212) 563-5763